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Miles to go before I Sleep.

Promises to keep.

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oh, mercy me.
23 December 1988
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a static lullaby, a stir of echoes, a.f.i., ace of cakes, action movies, aim, alkaline trio, alternative, alton brown, anime, anita blake, armor for sleep, astronomy, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, baking, beauty pop, berlin, billy talent, bleach, bloody bones, blue october, blues, books, boondock saints, boys, brand new, bullet for my valentine, celtic, chevelle, chiodos, constellations, cooking, crank, culinary arts, dead poets' society, death note, decorating, demon in my view, dramacon, dreamcatcher, dropkick murphys, dropping daylight, escape the fate, facebook, faith, fall out boy, family, fate, fishing, fort minor, friends, fruits basket, garden state, geisha, germany, ghost hunters, ghost stories, good eats, goosebumps, guilty pleasures, guitar hero, halloween, hate, hawksong, horror movies, hot fuzz, hot gimmick, incubus, ireland, irish, irish gaelic, japan, japanese horror, japanese horror films, jazz, johnny cash, kimono, letters, linkin park, love, madina lake, manga, mean girls, memoirs of a geisha, metal, midnight predator, music, myspace, nana, navel piercings, night sky, norman reedus, novels, operation ivy, paramore, planets, punch, punk, rancid, reading, rock, sailor moon, sailor saturn, saturn, say anything, scrubs, sean patrick flannery, shaun of the dead, shojo beat, slipknot, solar system, stars, stone hedge, system of a down, taking back sunday, taps, tattoos, the clique, the gravedancers, the laughing corpse, the starting line, the transplants, three days grace, thrice, tim armstrong, tim burton, tom morello, trapt, writing, zakk wylde

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